What We Do

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities L.L.C. is a leading provider of comprehensive services that encompass healthcare facility planning, design, and investment advisory.
We specialize in transforming ideas into reality, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge to create exceptional medical spaces that prioritize patient well-being, operational efficiency, and innovation.

Healthcare Facilities Management & Operation Consultancy

Healthcare facilities are very complex and always changing. This can make it hard to run them well. But people who know a lot about healthcare facilities have come up with solutions. These solutions are called evidence-based methods. They help solve the problems that healthcare facilities face every day.


There are different kinds of services for different kinds of healthcare facilities. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities understands what these services are and can help you get the most out of your facility.


Market Survey

Market survey forms an integral activity while conceptualizing any business.
Structured methodologies help in understanding the need gap and
accordingly define the services. It gives first-hand information from the market;
and from the available secondary resources. Market survey helps investors to
conceptualize the project better for further decisions. At Reyada Management
of Medical Facilities, we define and conduct market survey for healthcare

Financial Feasibility

Financial Feasibility depends on various factors, but this study helps in
understanding the financial health of the project on a long run.
The outcome of market survey helps us derive assumptions on
the revenue and expense. The report can be further developed
as per the clients’ requirements for bankers or investors or both.

Business Plan Conceptualization

Business plan document introduces the project exclusively from
business angle. The report is derived as business projections,
justified against industry standards, the promoter’s credentials
and their operational and marketing strategies for their proposed
concept. The capital and operational costs is worked out to
understand business viability.

Detailed Project Report

Detailed project report is an important document to understand
the proposed project in totality much before venturing into the
business. The document will bring in details on location, market
need, gap analysis, competitors analysis, and further guide the
investors in planning their operational strategies. Understanding
the feasibility from financial angle is also an integral part of the
Detailed Project Report. This will further help in knowing the SWOT
for the project. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we take this
assignment along with investors as part of their project conceptualization
phase. This is prepared scientifically to derive the viability both from the
market and financial aspects.

Quality & Accreditation

Quality being the catchword of the present era in healthcare,
all the projects will be designed keeping quality accreditation
service in mind. The trend is moving towards Quality Services
and with the increasing insurance penetration; they are mandating
certain level of standards for service providers for empanelment.
With the growing economics and paying capacity, all the service
providers are forced to improvise on their quality services.
Under healthcare facility consultancy services, Reyada Management
of Medical Facilities consultants facilitate accreditation services for healthcare
facilities and healthcare setup. This includes be USP 797, JCI, ACI and ISO.

Organization Assessment

Organization assessment as a service is offered based on client
requirement, either as a corrective measure or towards expansion
phase. Our Healthcare facility consultancy services conduct
‘Gap Assessment’ as a systematic way to identify these gaps
and advise appropriately. Investigating the cost pilferage is a
crucial study in a decently good healthcare facility, but has financial
crunch. In line with the quality standards, we will advise and build the
capacity of the team to continuously monitor and assess periodically.
Recommendation, its implementations along with training and monitoring
are key component as an outcome of this exercise.

Due Diligence Activity

Due diligence activity is an exercise to recheck any available document or
process, critically towards its operational efficiency and financial
feasibility. This exercise becomes highly important for the funders and
banker’s. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, this assignment is
worked out systematically both at onsite and offsite. The outcome of the
workings will be drafted as recommendation towards funding or for
operational best offerings.

Commissioning Assistance

Healthcare facility commissioning is an exclusive, project
customized activity keeping in mind the investor’s philosophy,
project vision and objectives. Commissioning is a onetime
activity done while launching the business, in this case a
healthcare facility. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities,
offers consultancy services for commissioning exercise by helping
organization to define their documentation such as manuals, policies,
human resources planning and their structure, operational statutory
documents, all department documents, Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP’s), systems and processes for a uniform and
transparent implementation. The services will include training the
key staffs as part of commissioning assistance.

Manpower Planning

Based on the type of the healthcare facility, resource planning is
a systematic activity to assist the end users appropriately. There
are set comparable indicators for skilled resources like nurses,
paramedics, technicians, managers apart from the specialized physicians.
Based on this, the resource planning is done. Resource planning is
very crucial in emergency departments; and high dependent areas
like intensive care units (ICU’s), wards and operating theaters (OT’s).
Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will help in designing a
tool to plan. Based on the observations, the organization can optimize
the resources for maximum efficiency. We take up this assignment
under healthcare facility consultancy services to help and set standard
documents for continual improvements.

Statuary & Licensing Requirements

The legal and statutory norms for healthcare facility must be in compliance with
your local authorities (Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi-Health Authority, Dubai
Health Authority, Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Labor, The
General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs – Abu Dhabi, etc.).
The number of such compliances depends on the kind of facility you wish to
bring in. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can share with you the list
of compliances required for the kind of facility you wish to bring. The
statutory requirements will be for the healthcare services, infrastructures,
support services and company related.

Operational Governance

Equipment Maintenance and Asset Management
Specialty Clinic Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Quality Improvement Initiatives
Workforce Planning and Staffing
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Implementation and Management

Health Care Technology Consultancy

Healthcare is a vast industry which includes services to cater all kind of healthcare
needs. The present trend is towards making use of innovative technology; and
thus more effective project structuring, business mode and easy
implementation. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we help the
investors in designing Business Requirement Specification and help in
end-to-end documentation of technical requirements that is just sufficient
for the technical people to understand and design Software Requirement

Healthcare Business Analysis

Our team and strategic partners understand the business of healthcare. We
specialize in healthcare facility consulting and IT enabled care services to
effectively use the technology at both users and providers end. We revisit
and investigate the problem area in any healthcare business; conduct research
and discuss with the end-users, and develop the solution prototype. We
finally draft a report and recommendations to the client, stressing on the
possible solutions for a given problem.

IT Enabled Services

The services are in line with the ‘Business Analysis’. Along with the
recommendation document, we will also design the technical framework for both
web application and mobile application, including the user experience and
user interface concept drawings.

Medical Education Technology

With special interest in Medical Education, our team understand the best
practices. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, works with the Medical
Education Units of renowned international medical schools to work in
coordination with their team to use technology to complement the teaching
& learning methodologies. We invite the Medical Education Unit willing to
explore their practices, through technology to make best use of their
research outcome.

Architecture & Design Services Consultancy

Architectural designs for healthcare facility are unique being centric around patient
safety and service management. Designs are custom made around the healthcare
facility concept based on investors’ philosophy and vision. Design uniqueness
also reflects on the type of healthcare facility, level of care and
technology support system, it intends to cater for. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities understands the importance of
specific healthcare facility functions based on the above intentions and
provide turnkey designs with its integral services. Consultancy right from
functional program to defining space program and providing concept,
schematics and execution designs across Architectural, Structural, MEP and
Interior Design, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will support these
designs at project execution stages.

Functional Program

Functional Program is a detailing the functional specification of each department with key focus on the services offered by each one of them. The inputs on defining the inter-department functional relationship adds value towards maximum operational efficiency. This is a key activity giving specifications to the Architect for further concept design. We also consider inputs shared by investors, management team and end-users to bring in best practices across clinical and support services at proposed project.

Space Program

Once the specifications are detailed after functional program, a detailed space
specification is worked out in a spread sheet to broadly derive department
wise area. The space distribution will provide a building profile along with
floor distribution. This will also define the summary area statement, for the
complete healthcare facility building. The outcome will be a critical
document for the architect for concept designs.

Architectural Designs

The architectural services are developed in conformity with the end-users and
patient safety for efficient functionality of a healthcare facility premises.
This includes complete owner-representation on design of the building as a
master plan, block designs, internal space and landscaping. The drawings will
be harmonized with structural and other design components. The key focus is
always optimal space utilization, value engineering, and quality designs to
flow with the functional requirements.

Design Validations

Owner-representation on design validation exclusively defined to add value by healthcare facility architects on the already available designs. Various parameters compliance is
rechecked all centric to have functionally best practices and on effective space utilization. The drawings are checked for compliance to standards, such as the Health Facilities Guidelines of the Health authority-Abu Dhabi standard on infrastructure facility.

Structural Designs

This scope involves complete owner-representation on design of the structural framework for the entire built component in the complex. The drawings will be
conforming to the specific needs of the intended space. These designs will be harmonized with the requirements of the services and other components of the project; and preparing detailed construction drawings for the work to proceed on site.

MEP Designs

Owner representation on MEP design services that involves complete design of the electrical systems, plumbing and water supply systems, HVAC systems,
automated vertical transportation, firefighting, data and voice networking, Building management systems, low voltage systems, and other mechanical
requirements for the proposed building complex. Key focus will be provided to critical medical areas with specialized technical requirements.

Interior Designs

Owner representation on the interior design services that include complete design of interior spaces, appropriate to the specialized technical requirements of the critical medical areas. The investors and management inputs will be of importance to match the philosophy and objectives of the healthcare facility.

Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure audit involves detail onsite study of infrastructure in totality and their existing facilities like various clinical departments, para-clinical and support departments. Owner representation on the study methodology and audit
findings are submitted as a report along with recommendation as changes required in the given facility, understanding the viability in terms of
facility planning and renovation.

Project Management Services

The consultancy services involved during project management stage will be provided by Reyada Management of Medical Facilities associate team and strategic partners to supervise on field project execution activities, against the planned activities for better management of time and money. Our consultants lead cross-functional project teams. They regularly facilitate:
1. Program charters that define scope and goals
2. Work Breakdown Structures that identify work phases, deliverables, and activities
3. High-level and detailed network-based schedules
4. Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
5. Validation and compression of schedules
6. Generation of status memos for key stakeholders
7. Client instruction in the use of project management tools/methods

Strategy Development Consultancy

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist in high level strategy development with established methodologies and appropriate tools. We help investors in healthcare together with care providers align on a future vision of healthcare in their region. We leverage market research on healthcare needs of the population and client data on current and historical performance to develop future-state scenarios and care plans to help right-size care delivery. Your healthcare strategy development will benefit from our:
1. Iterative and collaborative approach which promotes leadership consensus and continued support
2. Community research techniques to uncover insights on healthcare needs
3. Data analytics and market analysis capabilities for fact-based volume projection.

Healthcare Consultancy

Our Healthcare Consultancy Services provide advice and support to healthcare organizations to help them improve their performance. We can help with a wide range of issues, including financial management, clinical governance, organizational development, and marketing.

Process Transformation Consultancy

Process Transformation Consultancy specializes in optimizing workflows and enhancing operational efficiency through strategic analysis and innovative solutions.

Situational Analysis

• Analysis of current practice through observational and mapping work
• Evaluation of actual practice during various clinical procedures and processes observed on-site

Gap Analysis

• Capability to identify gaps between current practice and recommended standards
• Written reports with recommendations supported and referenced to relevant standards and guidelines

Future State

Performance Improvement & Process Redesign through the application of strategies for ongoing monitoring, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist with:
1. Process Mapping,
2. Analysis and Redesign,
3. Patient and Process Flow Improvement.

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities assist organizations reduce defects in quality and eliminate variation in processes, while accelerating cycle time by reducing waste in all its forms. Results are better, faster processes that are focused on building exceptional quality and value for the customer.

Implementation Planning

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can provide implementation support through on-site project management and, dependent on client needs, change management to support any new process development. With our extensive experience in Change Management, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can provide guidance on implementing and integrating any new process, program, or policy into a routine practice.

Control & Measure

A key to any sustainable change is the ability to track and monitor success going forward. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist with metric development and monitoring capabilities, such as establishing organization Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Balanced Scorecards.

Education & Coaching

Extensive network of healthcare partners allows Reyada Management of Medical Facilities access to a breadth and depth of knowledge. We have teams of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and Clinical Practitioners available to provide educational support.

Making the most of Project Management

Well-managed PMO’s are very vital to organizations for successful project delivery. They eliminate the hurdles involved in making prediction and plans during project management. We can help organizations to make the most of PMO’s for excellent project management and delivery.

Starting up a Project Management

To startup a new PMO, we make a careful study of the organization in question, including their cultures and operations. We aim at establishing PMO that would be comprehensive for their operations. This is followed by creation of communication plans, performance measures, PMO charters, appropriate standards and the needed resources.

Running Project Management

We can help you run your PMO through processes that have been proven to work. To achieve excellent PMO operations, we create room for effective change in the organization and seamless communication.

Improving on the Project Management

An improvement on the PMO can translate into improvement in values to the organization. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can review your PMO, and give necessary recommendations which when applied result in an effective improvement. This involves spotting the areas that need to be changed and working on all aspects of the PMO, with a focus on adding value to the organization.

Project Portfolio Management

PPM involves managing the technologies, processes and methods employed by PMO’s and project managers for managing recent projects using relevant

Assessing Project Portfolio Management

We can run a thorough check on the potentiality of your PPM using our expert tools. This will help us to not only know the present state of your firm, but also the possibility of attaining its expected future state. Our recommendations can help you to make positive improvements.

Improving Project Portfolio Management

Our recommendations will cut across analysis of the costs-benefits and other relevant improvements. These recommendations with respect to the assessment
can help you optimize your PPM.

Analysis & Reporting on Project Portfolio Management

We run all-round analysis and report on the results. Our analysis will cut across productivity, resource management, ROI, finances and customer satisfaction.
We measure values by creating analysis mechanisms capable of making outcomes visible at all levels. Working with you, we can create extensive reporting
models; such as the renowned five-level model that will ensure the PPM

Implementing Portfolio Improvement

We have a set of activities that can help you improve PPM. These include: fine-tuning policies governing portfolio, aligning portfolio decision with business goals, putting portfolio program ahead of every other program, improving on communication, managing change, using adequate PPM software and augmenting PPM performance.

Change Management Administration

Adaptation to change may pose several hurdles. Change requires careful execution and focus by stakeholders involved, as it implies cultural shift. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can help you in making positive transition in change management.

Change Preparedness

Effectiveness in change management is determined by your readiness for the change. We can make use of interviews and surveys to determine if you are ready for the change; and the barriers against the change.

Robust Plan for Managing Change

The need for robust plan can never be overstated because it helps to mitigate the impact of change on the organization. With robust plan, the impact of the change will not only be minimal but the purpose of the change can be diffused into the business culture.

Surveying & Strengthening Change

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can help you to carefully review the change plan; and ensure execution as planned; as well as taking corrective measures.

Demand Administration

Shortage and excessive demands can pose challenges to project delivery; however, with our reliable techniques, we can help you meet the demands and attain equilibrium. To manage demands we run a thorough checks on your project and resource administration, and then make relevant improvements where necessary.

Resources Administration

Inadequacy in resources can hamper organization’s ability. With project management, resource information can be analyzed and structured to improve delivery.

Skills Identifications in Organizations

Discovering skills in organizations can help in sensibly categorizing the skills and making reliable decision on resource allocation.

Forecasting & Planning Resources

You need adequate scheming to determine your resource availability and limits;
resource management database may be relevant here. This would involve taking into consideration possibility of odd events happening in the future. We can help you in making this important decision; and saving cost for your
organization. We can also assist you in creating new tools for efficient resource planning.

Staff Strength for Project Management

Adequate consideration of the workforce you need for developing, appraising and ensuring effective project management cannot be overstated; our expertise will help you attain excellence in this regard.

Reviewing & Recovering Projects

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities project recovery experts start by reviewing of the project’s current state to identify the areas in jeopardy. Common areas of concern often include issues with scope, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control. We will present our assessment to the senior leadership team
recognizing the project’s accomplishments to date, while calling out the major issues that caused it to derail. A corrective plan is provided as part
of this presentation. Once the plan is accepted by the organization, our recovery experts will lead the turnaround initiative, or you may choose to
have us mentor your project team through the recovery process.

Improving Project Management Maturity

Every organization has a maturity level. We can help you identify your maturity level and make the requisite plans for the improvement of your organization.

Determining the Maturity Level

This involves determining the organization’s project maturity level and how capable it can deliver the projects. We will also evaluate the possibility of
attaining future level.

Actionable Plans for Improvement

With recommendations from the previous process, we can develop activities that will help you to make improvements in your processes.

Implementation Support

To ensure that recommendations are effectively deployed we will provide you the needed implementation support. We will also provide you the expertise and training to help mature your firm.

Reassessing the Project Management maturity

On making any improvement, we will reassess your maturity and compare the observed maturity to your previous level to determine your advancement. This
will involve readjustment of your improvement plans, and focus on areas that need further improvements.

Developing Methodologies

We develop methodologies regarding the size, complexity and length of your project. With the right set of tools, we will run checks on the state and utilization of your processes.

Executing Methodologies

This involves the use of class training and to deploy new standards and processes in an organization. We can even provide orientation for your new hire to help them perform better in your organization.


Mentors are relevant in growing your team; and helping them to adopt the best-practice and standards. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can provide your personnel and project managers the expertise and mentorship needed for top-notch project management. Mentors play vital roles in training staff to master processes, standards and best-practices. They collaborate with project managers to ensure that the acceptable standards are met. Our mentors can also run checks on the status of your project portfolio and provide necessary recommendations. They can identify risks and provide corrective measures; and they can evaluate the health of the project and pinpoint problem areas, and advise on corrective actions.

Administering Vendors

Vendors play vital roles in businesses. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will collaborate with your vendors, ensuring that their acceptance of your terms. Effective management of vendors is an important step in PMO improvement. We can also manage seamless integration between interconnected vendors.

Expertise to Manage Projects

We can provide seasoned project managers with unique leadership skills that provide services that can distinguish your projects. Our professional network possesses the flexibility and skills to efficiently manage projects and resources. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can help you transform the project no matter how vulnerable it is; and we provide ad interim management to your organization that would offer the necessary skills in short supply; and compensate for your skill lag to ensure competency and effectiveness in the delivery of your project. Our experts are well-versed; and we make use of
proven tools, processes, templates and dashboards to manage your projects. You will be sure to have professional oversight on your processes; as well as our proven intellectual property when you work with us. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will ensure processes optimization when you make the most of our invaluable services for the management of your healthcare facilities.

Flexibility in Achieving Business Needs

Whether you require resources for long or short term, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.

Managing Strategic, Mission-Critical Initiatives

Our clients utilize our consultants when they can’t afford program or project failure, even staffing companies turn to us.

Recovering Troubled Projects

Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.

Interim Leadership

We can take charge of PMO’s and similar organizations, run them for you for short or long term durations, and transition them back to you when you’re ready.

Filling Skill Set Gaps

If your people are proficient in some areas but not so much in others (e.g., risk management), we can provide the expertise you need. We can also help better manage key resource dependency issues.

Supplementing Resources when Demand Exceeds Capacity

From Business Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers, we can help fill your staffing shortages.

Facility Operations Management

This service line focuses on overseeing the
day-to-day operations of the medical facility, ensuring smooth functioning, efficient utilization of resources, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Clinical Services Management

This service line involves managing clinical departments and services within the facility, including physician management, nursing services, laboratory services, radiology, pharmacy, and other clinical specialties.

Financial Management

This service line covers financial planning, budgeting, revenue cycle management, and financial analysis to ensure the financial stability and growth of the healthcare facility.

Quality & Compliance Management

This service line is responsible for implementing quality improvement initiatives, monitoring and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, and conducting internal audits and risk assessments.

Human Resources Management

This service line focuses on managing workforce planning, recruitment, training and development, employee relations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Technology Integration

This service line involves the integration
of advanced technologies and systems within the healthcare facility to enhance operational efficiency, data management, and patient care. This may include electronic health records (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms, AI-powered diagnostic tools, and other healthcare technology solutions.

Project Management Consultancy

Reyada Management specializes in providing project management consultation services. We offer expertise and guidance to organizations in effectively managing their projects from inception to completion. With Our in-depth knowledge and experience in project management methodologies, we assists clients in achieving their project goals, optimizing resources, and ensuring successful project delivery.

The consultation services provided by Reyada Management encompass various aspects of project management. This includes project planning, where we help clients define project objectives, develop project scopes, and establish realistic timelines and budgets. We also assist in project organization and team structuring, identifying key stakeholders, and assigning project roles and responsibilities.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Reyada Management offers continuous monitoring and control, ensuring projects stay on track and within defined parameters. We implement effective project tracking mechanisms, assess risks, and provide strategies for risk mitigation. In addition, Reyada Management assists in resolving project-related issues and conflicts, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration among project teams.

Reyada Management also emphasizes the importance of project quality management. We help clients establish quality assurance processes, implement quality control measures, and conduct regular project audits to ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices. Furthermore, we provide guidance on change management, helping organizations adapt to evolving project requirements and effectively manage project scope changes.

Smart Healthcare Solutions Management & Operation

Our Smart Healthcare Services provide advice and support to healthcare organizations to help them improve their performance. We can help with a wide range of issues, including financial management, clinical governance, organizational development, and marketing.

Healthcare Data Analytics & Reporting

Development of data analytics platforms to analyze patient data, operational metrics, and financial performance.
Generation of customized reports and dashboards to provide insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends.
Predictive analytics and machine learning solutions to identify patterns, optimize workflows, and improve decision-making.

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Implementation of telehealth solutions, enabling remote consultations, virtual visits, and
telemedicine services.
Integration of remote patient monitoring devices and platforms to track patient health data and facilitate remote care.
Development of secure communication channels and telehealth platforms compliant with privacy regulations.

Facility & Asset Management

Management of medical equipment and asset tracking systems.
Maintenance and preventive servicing of medical devices and facilities.
Implementation of asset management software for inventory control, procurement, and lifecycle management.

Compliance & Regulatory Services

Assistance in complying with healthcare regulations, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Audit services to ensure compliance with industry standards and guidelines.
Development of policies and procedures for privacy, security, and data governance.

Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlining and optimizing billing and claims management processes.
Revenue cycle analysis to identify areas of improvement and revenue leakage.
Coding and documentation reviews to maximize reimbursements and minimize denials.

Patient Experience Enhancement

Design and implementation of patient engagement platforms and portals.
Patient satisfaction surveys and feedback management systems.
Integration of patient-centric technologies like appointment scheduling, online registration, and patient education tools.

Consultancy for Artificial Intelligence Integration for providing services for healthcare facilities in the UAE

Involves leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to enhance various aspects of healthcare operations. This may include:
Artificial Intelligence -powered analytics for data-driven decision making, predicting patient volumes, optimizing resource allocation,
and identifying areas for improvement.
Artificial Intelligence -assisted clinical decision support systems to aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and medication management.
Artificial Intelligence -driven patient monitoring and remote care solutions for continuous monitoring of patient vitals and facilitating
virtual consultations.
Artificial Intelligence -based chatbots and virtual assistants for patient engagement, appointment scheduling, and basic medical inquiries.
Artificial Intelligence -enabled predictive maintenance and asset management to optimize the maintenance and lifespan of medical equipment.

Event Management

Providing comprehensive event management and conference organization services specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. This service line focuses on planning, executing, and coordinating various events, conferences,
seminars, and workshops for the medical facilities company and its stakeholders. By offering Events Management & Professional Conference Organizer
services, the medical facilities company can focus on its core operations while relying on the expertise of the service provider to deliver successful and impactful events that enhance industry knowledge sharing, networking
opportunities, and brand visibility.

Event Planning

The service provider will work closely with the medical facilities company to understand their objectives and requirements for each event. This includes determining the event’s theme, purpose, target audience, budget, and desired outcomes.

Venue Selection & Logistics

The service provider will assist in identifying suitable venues for the events, taking into consideration factors such as capacity, location, accessibility, and facilities. They will handle
all logistics, including venue setup, audiovisual equipment, signage, and catering arrangements.

Program Development

The service provider will collaborate with the medical facilities company to design the event program, which may include keynote speeches, panel
discussions, workshops, presentations, and networking sessions. They will help curate relevant and engaging content that aligns with the company’s
objectives and industry trends.

Speaker Management

The service provider will manage the process
of inviting and securing high-quality speakers, subject matter experts, and industry leaders for the events. This involves communication, contract
negotiation, travel arrangements, and ensuring their presentations are well-prepared and aligned with the event’s objectives.

Registration & Attendee Management

The service provider will handle the registration process for attendees, including online registration platforms, ticketing, and attendee communication. They will manage attendee lists, badges, and provide on-site support to ensure a smooth check-in process.

Marketing & Promotion

The service provider will develop marketing
and promotional strategies to raise awareness and attract attendees to the events. This may include creating event websites, designing promotional
materials, utilizing social media and email marketing, and collaborating with relevant industry partners and associations.

On-site Event Management

The service provider will be responsible for
overseeing all aspects of the events on-site, including managing event staff, coordinating schedules, handling logistics, and ensuring a seamless execution of the program. They will address any issues or emergencies that arise during the events.

Post-Event Evaluation

After each event, the service provider will conduct evaluations and collect feedback from attendees, sponsors, and speakers. They will analyze the data to assess the event’s success, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for future events.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship management refers to the strategic planning, acquisition, and coordination of sponsorships for an organization or event. It involves the identification, negotiation, and management of relationships with sponsors who provide financial or in-kind support in exchange for various benefits and opportunities.

Exhibitor Management

Exhibitor management refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of exhibitor-related activities for an event or trade show. It involves managing the process of selecting, registering, and supporting exhibitors who showcase their products, services, or offerings at the event.

Campaign Management

Campaign management refers to the planning, coordination, execution, and monitoring of marketing campaigns or initiatives aimed at achieving specific goals and objectives. It involves the strategic development and implementation of various marketing activities to promote a product, service, brand, or cause. The primary objective of campaign management is to drive desired actions and outcomes from the target audience, such as increasing brand awareness,
generating leads, driving sales, or promoting a specific message or call to action.

Events Management & Professional Conference Organizer

As professional conference organizers, we specialize in
managing conferences and symposiums, ensuring seamless operations and
exceptional attendee experiences. We handle the intricate details of conference
planning, such as program development, abstract submission and review, speaker
coordination, scheduling, sponsor management, and exhibition logistics.