Healthcare Facilities Management & Operation Consultancy Services

Healthcare facilities are complex and dynamic organizations that pose many challenges in their operations. Healthcare facility administration has evolved rapidly to find ways to address such challenges. Healthcare facility consulting is now evidence-based methodology and has solutions to the ongoing challenges. The requirements and services differ from new Healthcare facilities (Greenfield projects) to existing Healthcare facilities (Brownfield projects). At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we understand the requirements and offer services appropriately.

I. Market Survey

Market survey forms an integral activity while conceptualizing any business. Structured methodologies help in understanding the need gap and accordingly define the services. It gives first-hand information from the market; and from the available secondary resources. Market survey helps investors to conceptualize the project better for further decisions. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we define and conduct market survey for healthcare business.

II. Financial Feasibility

Financial Feasibility depends on various factors, but this study helps in understanding the financial health of the project on a long run. The outcome of market survey helps us derive assumptions on the revenue and expense. The report can be further developed as per the clients’ requirements for bankers or investors or both.

III. Business Plan Conceptualization

Business plan document introduces the project exclusively from business angle. The report is derived as business projections, justified against industry standards, the promoter’s credentials and their operational and marketing strategies for their proposed concept. The capital and operational costs is worked out to understand business viability.

IV. Detailed Project Report

Detailed project report is an important document to understand the proposed project in totality much before venturing into the business. The document will bring in details on location, market need, gap analysis, competitors analysis, and further guide the investors in planning their operational strategies. Understanding the feasibility from financial angle is also an integral part of the Detailed Project Report. This will further help in knowing the SWOT for the project. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we take this assignment along with investors as part of their project conceptualization phase. This is prepared scientifically to derive the viability both from the market and financial aspects.

V. Quality & Accreditation

Quality being the catchword of the present era in healthcare, all the projects will be designed keeping quality accreditation service in mind. The trend is moving towards Quality Services and with the increasing insurance penetration; they are mandating certain level of standards for service providers for empanelment. With the growing economics and paying capacity, all the service providers are forced to improvise on their quality services. Under healthcare facility consultancy services, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities consultants facilitate accreditation services for healthcare facilities and healthcare setup. This includes be USP 797, JCI, ACI and ISO.

VI. Organization Assessment

Organization assessment as a service is offered based on client requirement, either as a corrective measure or towards expansion phase. Our Healthcare facility consultancy services conduct ‘Gap Assessment’ as a systematic way to identify these gaps and advise appropriately. Investigating the cost pilferage is a crucial study in a decently good healthcare facility, but has financial crunch. In line with the quality standards, we will advise and build the capacity of the team to continuously monitor and assess periodically. Recommendation, its implementations along with training and monitoring are key component as an outcome of this exercise.

VII. Due Diligence Activity

Due diligence activity is an exercise to recheck any available document or process, critically towards its operational efficiency and financial feasibility. This exercise becomes highly important for the funders and banker’s. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, this assignment is worked out systematically both at onsite and offsite. The outcome of the workings will be drafted as recommendation towards funding or for operational best offerings.

VIII. Commissioning Assistance

Healthcare facility commissioning is an exclusive, project customized activity keeping in mind the investor’s philosophy, project vision and objectives. Commissioning is a onetime activity done while launching the business, in this case a healthcare facility. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, offers consultancy services for commissioning exercise by helping organization to define their documentation such as manuals, policies, human resources planning and their structure, operational statutory documents, all department documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), systems and processes for a uniform and transparent implementation. The services will include training the key staffs as part of commissioning assistance.

IX. Manpower Planning

Based on the type of the healthcare facility, resource planning is a systematic activity to assist the end users appropriately. There are set comparable indicators for skilled resources like nurses, paramedics, technicians, managers apart from the specialized physicians. Based on this, the resource planning is done. Resource planning is very crucial in emergency departments; and high dependent areas like intensive care units (ICU’s), wards and operating theaters (OT’s). Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will help in designing a tool to plan. Based on the observations, the organization can optimize the resources for maximum efficiency. We take up this assignment under healthcare facility consultancy services to help and set standard documents for continual improvements.

X. Statuary & Licensing Requirements

The legal and statutory norms for healthcare facility must be in compliance with your local authorities (Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi-Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Labor, The General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs - Abu Dhabi, etc.). The number of such compliances depends on the kind of facility you wish to bring in. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can share with you the list of compliances required for the kind of facility you wish to bring. The statutory requirements will be for the healthcare services, infrastructures, support services and company related.