Healthcare Consultancy Services

I. Technology Consultancy

Healthcare is a vast industry which includes services to cater all kind of healthcare needs. The present trend is towards making use of innovative technology; and thus more effective project structuring, business mode and easy implementation. At Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we help the investors in designing Business Requirement Specification and help in end-to-end documentation of technical requirements that is just sufficient for the technical people to understand and design Software Requirement Specification.

A. Business Analysis – Healthcare

Our team and strategic partners understand the business of healthcare. We specialize in healthcare facility consulting and IT enabled care services to effectively use the technology at both users and providers end. We revisit and investigate the problem area in any healthcare business; conduct research and discuss with the end-users, and develop the solution prototype. We finally draft a report and recommendations to the client, stressing on the possible solutions for a given problem.

B. IT Enabled Services

The services are in line with the ‘Business Analysis’. Along with the recommendation document, we will also design the technical framework for both web application and mobile application, including the user experience and user interface concept drawings.

C. Medical Education Technology

With special interest in Medical Education, our team understand the best practices. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, works with the Medical Education Units of renowned international medical schools to work in coordination with their team to use technology to complement the teaching & learning methodologies. We invite the Medical Education Unit willing to explore their practices, through technology to make best use of their research outcome.

II. Architecture & Design Services Consultancy

Architectural designs for healthcare facility are unique being centric around patient safety and service management. Designs are custom made around the healthcare facility concept based on investors’ philosophy and vision. Design uniqueness also reflects on the type of healthcare facility, level of care and technology support system, it intends to cater for.

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities understands the importance of specific healthcare facility functions based on the above intentions and provide turnkey designs with its integral services. Consultancy right from functional program to defining space program and providing concept, schematics and execution designs across Architectural, Structural, MEP and Interior Design, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities will support these designs at project execution stages.

Functional Program

Functional Program is a detailing the functional specification of each department with key focus on the services offered by each one of them. The inputs on defining the inter-department functional relationship adds value towards maximum operational efficiency. This is a key activity giving specifications to the Architect for further concept design. We also consider inputs shared by investors, management team and end-users to bring in best practices across clinical and support services at proposed project.

Space Program

Once the specifications are detailed after functional program, a detailed space specification is worked out in a spread sheet to broadly derive department wise area. The space distribution will provide a building profile along with floor distribution. This will also define the summary area statement, for the complete healthcare facility building. The outcome will be a critical document for the architect for concept designs.

Architectural Designs

The architectural services are developed in conformity with the end-users and patient safety for efficient functionality of a healthcare facility premises. This includes complete owner-representation on design of the building as a master plan, block designs, internal space and landscaping. The drawings will be harmonized with structural and other design components. The key focus is always optimal space utilization, value engineering, and quality designs to flow with the functional requirements.

Design Validations

Owner-representation on design validation exclusively defined to add value by healthcare facility architects on the already available designs. Various parameters compliance is rechecked all centric to have functionally best practices and on effective space utilization. The drawings are checked for compliance to standards, such as the Health Facilities Guidelines of the Health authority-Abu Dhabi standard on infrastructure facility.

Structural Designs

This scope involves complete owner-representation on design of the structural framework for the entire built component in the complex. The drawings will be conforming to the specific needs of the intended space. These designs will be harmonized with the requirements of the services and other components of the project; and preparing detailed construction drawings for the work to proceed on site.

MEP Designs

Owner representation on MEP design services that involves complete design of the electrical systems, plumbing and water supply systems, HVAC systems, automated vertical transportation, firefighting, data and voice networking, Building management systems, low voltage systems, and other mechanical requirements for the proposed building complex. Key focus will be provided to critical medical areas with specialized technical requirements.

Interior Designs

Owner representation on the interior design services that include complete design of interior spaces, appropriate to the specialized technical requirements of the critical medical areas. The investors and management inputs will be of importance to match the philosophy and objectives of the healthcare facility.

Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure audit involves detail onsite study of infrastructure in totality and their existing facilities like various clinical departments, para-clinical and support departments. Owner representation on the study methodology and audit findings are submitted as a report along with recommendation as changes required in the given facility, understanding the viability in terms of facility planning and renovation.

III. Project Management Services

The consultancy services involved during project management stage will be provided by Reyada Management of Medical Facilities associate team and strategic partners to supervise on field project execution activities, against the planned activities for better management of time and money. Our consultants lead cross-functional project teams. They regularly facilitate:

  1. Program charters that define scope and goals
  2. Work Breakdown Structures that identify work phases, deliverables, and activities
  3. High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  4. Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
  5. Validation and compression of schedules
  6. Generation of status memos for key stakeholders
  7. Client instruction in the use of project management tools/methods

IV. Strategy Development Consultancy

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist in high level strategy development with established methodologies and appropriate tools. We help investors in healthcare together with care providers align on a future vision of healthcare in their region. We leverage market research on healthcare needs of the population and client data on current and historical performance to develop future-state scenarios and care plans to help right-size care delivery. Your healthcare strategy development will benefit from our:

  1. Iterative and collaborative approach which promotes leadership consensus and continued support,
  2. Community research techniques to uncover insights on healthcare needs, and
  3. Data analytics and market analysis capabilities for fact-based volume projection.

V. Process Transformation Consultancy

Control & Measure

A key to any sustainable change is the ability to track and monitor success going forward. Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist with metric development and monitoring capabilities, such as establishing organization Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Balanced Scorecards.

Gap Analysis

  1. Capability to identify gaps between current practice and recommended standards
  2. Written reports with recommendations supported and referenced to relevant standards and guidelines

Implementation planning

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can provide implementation support through on-site project management and, dependent on client needs, change management to support any new process development. With our extensive experience in Change Management, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can provide guidance on implementing and integrating any new process, program, or policy into a routine practice.

Situational Analysis

  1. Analysis of current practice through observational and mapping work
  2. Evaluation of actual practice during various clinical procedures and processes observed on-site

Future State

Performance Improvement & Process Redesign through the application of strategies for ongoing monitoring, Reyada Management of Medical Facilities can assist with:
i. Process Mapping,
ii. Analysis and Redesign,
iii. Patient and Process Flow Improvement.

Reyada Management of Medical Facilities assist organizations reduce defects in quality and eliminate variation in processes, while accelerating cycle time by reducing waste in all its forms. Results are better, faster processes that are focused on building exceptional quality and value for the customer.

Education & Coaching

Extensive network of healthcare partners allows Reyada Management of Medical Facilities access to a breadth and depth of knowledge. We have teams of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and Clinical Practitioners available to provide educational support.